National Novel Writing Month

A friend has introduced me to this concept of writing a novel over a month. 50,000 words in one month. I’m 3 days behind and struggling, oddly, this post is just running out of my fingers. I don’t even need to concentrate and it just flows forth.

If you wanna try it, head over to: I signed up back in October. Anyway, Imma jam to some music and see if I can lay down a couple hundred words.


I royally messed up

I’ve been posting between this blog and my old one, which I need to shut down. So, I’ve imported the old blog and will do some maintenance and tidy up duplicate posts. Bare with me. I need to get this done.

Remote Access Part Deux

A month or so ago, I wrote about setting up Remote Access from my phone to my desktop. I’m still utilizing it. I’ve switched from Microsoft’s own Remote Desktop App to Teamviewer. I’ve done this simply because Teamviewer is easier to configure and it doesn’t require a static IP address. All I have to worry about is remembering the password to the laptop/desktop/phone.

A key advantage to Teamviewer, it took me less than 5 minutes to help my mom configure it over the phone. This allowed me to remote access her laptop and do something. Was quicker and easier than trying to explain it over the phone. Now, I’ll always be able to access that laptop when her or dad have an issue. Should consider getting them to link me into all the Camp computers and then I can do remote support and not have to go out.

I wonder if I can charge people to help them? Not that anyone is coming to me outside of work.

Remote Desktop Access

So tonight, I thought I would try something. Oh, yeah, sorry for such a long absence. Time just kind of got away from me.

Anyway, tonight I did something I have wanted to experiment with for ages. Remote desktop access over the internet to my desktop. I am happy to report that I configured it and demonstrated it to a captive audience. I think I will  configure the laptop for access and add access over the home WiFi network so that I can be super lazy when it comes to adding torrents to download lists. If you are interested, no I won’t write up a guide, I will link all the resources I used. Though, I must add I had to gather the information from several sources and figure out a few things myself. Such as; I can’t access the computer over my public IP when I am logged onto the WiFi and that Windows Firewall won’t automatically allow access via public networks.

The resources are:

Remote Desktop Windows 7

Allow Remote Access Outside Your Network

Set Up Remote Desktop

I think this has been a huge success. Quite proud of myself.

Update: Can’t get the laptop to work over WiFi or Cell Network. Think it might have something to do with Windows 8. Not to fussed as it isn’t a priority. I did, however, add the ability to remote into the Desktop via WiFi. Might consider giving the Laptop remote access to the desktop over both WiFi and Cell network. Haven’t decided but could be good if I go away and want to set up downloads while gone.

The Next Great Sci Fi Novel

I’ve been pondering the chances of stumbling across the ability to write the next great Sci Fi novel. I like to imagine the world renown I’d have after penning this masterpiece. The glory, the fame, the movie opportunities. Then I think about how dickish Sci Fi fans can be; the treatment of Lucas for example, the tragedy of making Sci Fi films. Of course, I don’t think I could ever do it. Sci Fi isn’t my genre of love. I’d rather write a surrealist piece or something vaguely dehumanizing. Oh to dream about being the next great writer. Perhaps, I should try and write a short story a week. I think I shall. So, to my reader watch out.

Setting Up a Ubuntu 12.10 Server

I am currently working on setting up a server running Ubuntu 12.10 Serve Edition. I am having the worst luck. I’ll get something up and running and do a restart to find it no longer working. For instance, I am using a program called Synergy on my Laptop and Main Desktop. This works great, the server and client protocols launch when each system boots up. On Ubuntu, no such luck. The client or server protocol only launch after log in, which requires me to unplug the keyboard, log into Ubuntu. Then because Synergy hates me using Ubuntu, I have to cli and reinstall Synergy to get the protocols to launch. At which point, it finally works.  So now, I am using my Laptop keyboard and trackpad to control both it and the Desktop. I have the mouse and keyboard plugged into the PC running Ubuntu.
I w
It is things like this that negate how easy it is to switch from Windows/OSX to Linux and this is with one of the easiest Linux Distros out there. Imagine how much harder it would be with one of the more advanced distros. I am determined to get this working. I don’t care how long it takes me, I will succeed. Any pointers, tips, helpful insight is useful. I’m following this guide from Canonical: Ubuntu Server 12.1

I’m installing the following packages straight out:
LAMP Server
Samba File Server
This is because I need to be able to remote access the server ( I won’t be on site where it is going ) and several Windows based machines will be backing up to it.

Saying Goodbye

The dates are fuzzy, so mind this.

One night in October of 2002 ( I think it was around the 20th ), my family had a dinner at Paul’s Place ( Click and go eat here for me ) in Merced, California. It was awesome. We had the whole restaurant just about. All of our friends were there. From the Osbourne’s to the Neal’s. We had the Brays from Atwater there too, which was great. I can still look back on that night and smile knowing that so many people would miss us.

After spending like 3 hours at Paul’s, everyone headed up to the Train Station, where we would say our final goodbyes and the end of my American Adventure.

So before I continue:

I just want to say that I miss everyone and love you all so much, especially the following:

Robyn Blackwell, James Bray, Donny Bray, Dawna Bray and Vicky Bray, Elizabeth McCarthy, Samantha Rodrigues  ( even though you didn’t come ), the Osbourne Clan, The Neal’s, and well everyone.

We traveled by train from Merced to Mount Shasta ( Click and follow along ). I slept the whole time pretty much. I was also being a little emo bitch cause I was leaving a place I’d finally figured out where I belonged. When I woke up, I was informed that a train had derailed and we’d been sitting there for 4 hours already ( Yeah, I woke up at like 11 am ). We were then informed that buses would be taking us from Mt Shasta to Spokane, Washington, a trip that would take 11 hours, we had to be there in 8.

So, the bus drivers tag teamed that bitch and drove as fast as they could so that we didn’t miss our next train across the top of the United States. We made it. In fact, we got there with like 30 minutes to spare. Go us. From Spokane we traveled to Chicago. In Chicago, we had about 3 hours. This afforded us enough time to run out of the station, through the traffic and up this little building Chicago likes to show off.

I’ve been up this

Side Note: I’ve slept all the way from Spokane to Chicago, except for the rare occasion I woke up and was all ‘Umm, where are we? I’m hungry’ Pretty slack I know, but I was being an emo bitch!

After leaving Chicago, we carried on towards my favorite city behind San Francisco. NEW YORK CITY!

Oh, and we passed by this place:

Semper Fi

We arrived in New York City on a Friday, I know this because I do? We had until Sunday before we flew to some shit little European Country that I may or may not originally have come from.

In New York, we had New York pizza. And went to the following images:

Such an amazing place

We met this guy there:

Not really naked, is he?

Microsoft had taken over an area for an event.


Such an amazing view

So close to Lady Liberty.

There were many more places we managed to visit in New York City, but nothing like what we saw when we went to this place:

A moment of Silence

What we saw in October 2002

After a wonderful 72 hours in New York and an amazing 7 years in the United States, I left. I flew from John F Kennedy Airport to Heathrow Airport, London,England.